Why choose a Craftop chainsaw?

Why choose a Craftop chainsaw?

At Craftop, we have a wide range of small chainsaws
small chainsaws
and large, high quality for domestic, semi-professional and professional use. So no matter what you want to use it for, Craftop has the ideal equipment for you.

Why choose a Craftop premium chainsaw?


With their balanced design, our chainsaws are professional products designed for intensive cutting, pruning, contouring, tree felling and for professional arborists. They feature an ignition control system, which provides optimum performance in the most demanding conditions, achieving maximum efficiency and minimum fuel consumption, while reducing exhaust emission levels, in accordance with the world’s strictest emissions regulations.

The components of our chainsaws are of high quality, have a 1-year warranty and have availability of spare parts in the different countries of the world in which we have presence, making Craftop chainsaws an ideal choice as a high performance work equipment and with a brand support, simply unmatched. With Craftop, you can be sure that your equipment will be able to work without problems for several years, as long as the machine is properly handled and maintained.

Craftop chainsaws are designed for certain uses and stresses. Make sure you purchase a chainsaw for the use you require. Household use – for example – will require one of our smaller chain sawsfor less intensive gardening tasks. They will not be the ideal equipment for more demanding uses or for forestry or agricultural use.

In terms of time of continuous use, they can be differentiated as follows:

  • Domestic: from 1 to 4 hours continuously
  • Semi-Professional: from 4 to 6 continuous hours
  • Professional: 6 to 8 continuous hours

To help you choose the Craftop chainsaw that is the perfect match for your application, we will list below the chainsaw references along with their application profile:

For domestic profile:
Small chain saws
comfortable and high power chainsaws for gardening use.

Chainsaw craftop. Chainsaw

For semi-professional profile : Chainsaws for farm and agricultural use.

For professional or heavy duty profile: Large chainsaws for forestry or industrial use. Our all-terrain chainsaws.

And when it comes to price, do we have
economic chainsaws

We have competitive prices in the market. We offer equipment – which in many cases – has better power and performance characteristics than the most recognized brands – (and its price can be 20% or 30% below them).

Recommendations for ideal performance of a Craftop Chainsaw.

When purchasing our chainsaws, make sure that the distributor provides you with a technical delivery of the product. To be instructed on the correct assembly and use of each reference. This way we extend the life of the product and avoid future technical failures due to misuse or misassembly.

Our chainsaws are available throughout Latin America: Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica.

A Craftop chainsaw is available for all uses.

to find your nearest authorized distributor.